sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

Seat restoration

This is the first picture about seats restoration in some days i will upload the completr process

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Julia Ascani dijo...

Good afternoon,
We are putting together with my dad a vw combi model 1969 to 1970, left Germany in '69, but was entered in Argentina 70, I tell them this for the model.
We are looking for a hinge for the sliding side door, t2, the shape of the hinge is J. The previous owner of deform, transform it, the problem is no longer good.
We are also looking for a tire, because we lack the spare tire and need the original bumper or a model compatible with the combi.
Thank you very much,
We are in the interior of the city of 9 July, that's why we're contacting by mail.

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