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Ok guys. this is more of a "How I did it " than "How to"

so here goes 

again this is the kit from Auto Loc. comes powder coated and has hinges mounted on the pockets with door cups and backing plates.

first off i got the car level on the body stand 

then i held the hinge assembly up to the jamb and marked it. 

youll notice i taped small level to the hinges to make a quick refrence to

you want the hinges to be as close to the out side as you can get them and as close to the center (top and bottom) as you can get them. you can see that the pins on both pieces will pretty much touch the outer skin when installed.

next i cut the holes out on the front and rear of the piller. then fit the assembly in . as you can see im going to have to do some clearencing to get them to slide in the post nicely  

now i have them in the hole but they are not far enough out to allow the door to swing the full 90% with out hitting the body. a little more cutting is needed. 

now that they open all the way and swing nice and smooth i can move on to attaching the door.

with the door mounted on the car with the original hinges close the door up against the new hinges. mark the door where the hinges will recess in to the jamb.

  heres the door cut so that it closes all the way around the new hinges. 

 since we had to cut into the door they sent door cups that you simply weld in and brace so that there is something for the hinges to bolt to. the door will need a little more clearenceing to accomidate these. 

door is all cut out and ready  

marked the door cups so that i knew where to grind off the powder coating 

 after i ground off the coating i closed the door and welded the cups to the door. now you can either undo the screws and cut the old hinges off or do what i did. whack those bitches off with a plasma cutter and let it swing!! 
 i will need to go back and do some trimming and bracing but the kit is intalled. not that bad, just make sure every thing is level and square before you finish weld it in and make sure the hinges swing freely with out binding..

made a card board template of the brace i wanted to make.  

 then layed it out on a piece of 1/8" plate 

cut the rough shape out with the plasma cutter and then layed the template over the top and spray painted the edges so i can see what needs to be taken off with the grinder. the silver is easier to see than a sharpie line and wontrub off as easy.  

welded the piece in and welded up all the cups and hinges in the post so that they wont move ever again. 

after a little clean up. not exactly stock looking but what is on this car?  

with the door shut there is a nice gap that i can actually adjust more now than with the stock hinges. 

and with the door open a full 90% there is no clearence issues with the quarter panel.  

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youve been up to some realyl interesting work

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