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Flip your tierods

Depending on how much you will lower your Volkswagen, if you going for that slammed look then you have to flip your tierods. Why? Because on type 1 beetles the right tierod will hit the bottom of the fueltank (not good). On type 1 you only need the flip the right side.
On type 2 bus you have to flip both sides to get some clearence to the frame. Sometimes you will still need to notch the frame a little bit for some more space. Snap-on sells a reamer that will get this job done! Easy to buy online at www.snapon.com.

  Here is the Snap-On reamer kit.

Put the reamer from above (like the tierod is mounted). Make sure it is as far in as it gets. Put some tape where it bottoms, to mark it out.

 Now drill from the otherside (bottom) and up until the tape mark is ground. You can use powertools/drill or use the stick that goes with the kit, it will just take much longer.

 Finished! And you can now mount your tierod upside down without problems.

Text & pictures: Martin Henriksson
Owner and writer, designer and photograper for MeanBugs. 

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