martes, 6 de marzo de 2012


"Cause they look cool, and are easy to install. The axle tube has to be free....removed from the transaxle."

 1) Flip the boot inside-out. 

 2) Spray some lubricant inside the boot, on your screwdrivers, and on the axle tube flange. You can use just about anything for a lubricant. 
 3) Take 2 large screwdrivers and put them through the small end of the boot. Then start the large end of the boot on the axle tube flange. Use the screwdrivers to pry against the axle tube, slide the boot down the screwdrivers and over the flange(this is where the lubricant is important) . 

 4) Flip it right-side out.

 5) Done. 

 text & photos by FRANZ 

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