viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012


This is a kit that we got from Auto-Loc with the Hidden Hinges. we bought the latches, instalation kit and a dead bolt. not sure that we'd ever need the dead bolt but its there just in case. 

First off since the new panel is flat i found the flatest part of the door that was near the center.

trimmed the filler piece to fit the door  

 test fit the latch in the door. i did have to do a bit of clearencing inside the door to a comidate for the mechanism. no big deal and you cant even tell from the outside. 

 welded in and ground up all nice and pretty 

 now that the door side is in i shut the door so that i could mark where i wanted to place the pin

a little trimming of the jamb, fit the new piece in, and then some weldeing  

Now that the door shuts and latches, to make sure it stays that way cruisin down the highway we're going to install a dead bolt system. not too complicated but could keep the door from rapping itself around the quarter panel. 

I chose to put it in the bottom of the door so that it is kind of out of sight ,out of mind while it is not in use. once the door is finish the only clue to its existance will be the little knob and the two shiney botton head screws in the jamb.

you'll see that i had to trim out a little piece so that it would sit flat in the door and that the mechanism itself was hitting the door skin.

you guys know what happens when something rubs around this shop. we narrow that bitch.  

 since the bolt was woking free and clear now it was still a little wobbly so i made a little brace to stiffin it up a bit. 

 the latches are all in a the dead bolt is in a nd working now all we have to do is put a handle to the opperation. going the best way with out compleatly givving the door a ne inner panel the easiest way is to use a stock handle and rod.

obviously the rod will have to be shortend and the door needs a little clearencing. not a big deal just a couple of cuts and there is a clear path from the handle to the mech. wack the rod in two then weld it back together the needed length and attach it to the latch with a shouldered nut and screw.  

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