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When we hear the term "Body off" restoration we think of a restoration job that has gone to the max. We also think $$$$. On most cars this is a project best left to the pros with restoration shops with lots of equipment. Fortunately for us VW enthusiast a beetle body can be removed in an afternoon with pretty basic equipment. The standard beetle body is bolted to the floor pan along each side with 9 13mm (head) bolts and two 17mm at the front.

Inside the car there are 4 more 13mm bolts under the backseat and sometime 2 more 17mm just behind these in the corners. I always remove all the seats first.

Under each rear fender near the top shock bolt is another 17mm bolt in a bracket.

All this is the same on a super beetle since they are identical from the windshield back. On the standard beetle (we will come back to the super later) there are 2 more 17mm bolts under the gas tank, which is easily removed.

now unfasten the steering column either at the coupler or at the box.

 Unplug the stop light switch and remove the line from the brake fluid reservoir. Now remove the left front hubcap and remove the clip from the end of the speedo cable and pull it out the rear of the spindle. Let it hang.

I always pull the motor but if you want to leave it with the chassis you can disconnect the wiring. The cables are OK. You will have to remove the wires from the starter. You can leave the battery cable. There may be a couple of easily disconnected heater vent cables at the rear of the tunnel on the later bugs but that is about it on the standard. Four guys in pretty good shape can lift the body off. Here is a way one guy can do it alone. We have a couple of 8' wide saw horses we set the body on.

  With the body lose you can jack up the front of the car from under the chassis and then set the saw horse under the bumper and bolt it with a safety chain. (We wiggled one off once so we always use them) Now let the chassis down and do the same in the rear. Now you can roll the chassis out from under if you like. (You may need to remove the gear shifter to clear the sawhorse.)


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